Thursday, 23 February 2012

Nominal Abuse - Embarrassment And Pressure [Official Music Video]

Direct your attention to this blasting Serbian band, which crashes brains since 2000. Before long we'll get to know more about these dudes, so watch the news.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Ojciec Dyktator: "We speak about serious problems in more or less funny ways"

"Heresy is Fun" CD by Polish grindcore band Ojciec Dyktator impressed me much during the very first listening and stayed in my player for a long period. And then I decided to talk with boys about grinding daily life. So Orlando (guitar) is answering my questions...

Haemorrhage new video - "Traumageddon"

Here is the second video from the band's new album "Hospital Carnage"

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Epicrise / Selfhate / Hybrid Viscery split CD is out

2.04.2011 Ukrainian grind label Imbecil Entertainment released extra killer grindcore stuff - Epicrise / Selfhate / Hybrid Viscery split CD. This weapon of war called "Pure Fucking Grind" contains 35 brand new songs from Ukrainian, Polish and Belgian grindcore masters. Contact label for order details.

Get the brand new Wormrot album "Dirge" for FREE!

Earache Records set the brand new Wormrot album "Dirge" for free download. Write you e-mail address on this page and get links. Music is delivered as mp3 audio at 320kbps with no DRM. The new album from the hottest new band in grind features 25 ferocious tracks over 18 minutes!

Rotten Sound Veggie Burger Eating Competition

Rotten Sound VEGGIE Burger Eating Competition from Kevin Jagusak on Vimeo.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Napalm Death brand new track for Decibel Magazine

"Decibel's" managing editor, Andrew Bonazelli, says:
The fifth installment in the Decibel Flexi Series arrives in the May 2011 ish, and as some of you already know, it’s a brand new face-ripper from Napalm Death, “Legacy Was Yesterday” their first new material since 2009’s Time Waits for No Slave. Aside from the prospect of Wilson Valdez starting the season at second base for his favorite baseball team, this is easily the best thing to happen to our editor-in-chief in 2011 so far. Anyway, Napalm kicked out this jam especially for Decibel, so not only will you not hear “Legacy” anywhere else, but hopefully (since it rules), it’ll be a preview of the new album, which they’re writing probably this very second. Take a test drive right here.

Malignant Tumour won gold

Last month Czech grind'n'roll masters Malignant Tumour were nationally acclaimed. Their actual full-length release "Earthshaker", released in 2010 by Metal Age Productions, was nominated to annual Czech music awards "Andel" in the Hard & Heavy category and won the first prize! So golden statue moved to Ostrava city. Our congratulations!:)

Wormrot "Dirge" will be released on May, 23rd

New Wormrot album will be released on May, 23rd by Earache Records.
Editions listing:
- 25 tracks CD;
- 25 tracks CD + behind scenes DVD (limited digi pack);
- 27 tracks LP (feat. 2 bonus tracks) limited to: 100 b&w splatter; 200 yellow; 300 r&w splatter; 300 red; 600 black.

New Exhumed album will out in summer

US gore metal originators Exhumed have completed work on their brand new full-length album "All Guts, No Glory". The follow-up to 2003’s "Anatomy Is Destiny" was recorded at Arcane Digital Recordings in Arizona with engineer Ryan Butler (Misery Index) and at Trench Studios with John Haddad (Abysmal Dawn, Intronaut). "All Guts, No Glory" was mixed and mastered at Mana Recording Studios by Brian Elliott (Graves of Valor) and has been set for a July 5th North American release date. CD pre-orders are being accepted now by Relapse Records.

Looking for an Answer: new album artwork and info

Some good news from Spanish grinders. At the beginning of March LFAA did the final mix and mastering of their new album. Also they got the artwork from Nor Venagruesa, so now the album (audio master + layout) is 100% completed. There will be pressed a regular version and a Diehard Version with a bonus 7". The album will be called "Eterno Treblinka" (title taken from a sentence of the jewish vegetarian writter Isaac Bashevis). The label will be Power It Up Records (Germany).
Looking for an Answer confirmed also the Play Fast or Don't Fest.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Cut to Fit: Hiljaisuus (2009); Grind-11 (2010)

I want to turn your attention to these two pretty good demo albums by Finnish band called Cut to Fit. Here we have higly-charged straight grindcore dedicated to all commited fans of this style without any needless shit. Short songs combine energetic punk riffs with blasting grindcore aggression influenced by old school stuff like Napalm Death, Nasum, Terrorizer and so on. Both demos have worthy level of sound and the music itself, but I think that "Grind-11" is more aggressive and atmospheric. It signs the noticeable step forward in band's evolution. Although, I still have favorite songs in "Hiljaisuus" too, which has more punk touches.
I haven't read lyrics, but according to song titles like "Children of the Cold War" or "Chernobyl" and cover art I can suppose, that they mostly about social topics.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Tacheless: The music we play belongs to the underground and should stay there forever!

And now it's time to visit Germany and to meet Tacheless, really good band, which gives strong portion of old school grindcore. About last years album and daily band's life we've talked with guitarist Schlimm. So read the outcome...

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Yattaї: Fast Music Is Love!

What do you know about France? Paris, the Eiffel Tower, Elysian Fields... And what is about Yattaї - blasting grindcore band from French Angoulême? About forthcoming new album, wine and aliens we've talked with band vocalist, Gautier...

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Total Fucking Destruction: Two new videos from "Hater" (and more news)

"Hater", the new album by Total Fucking Destruction, is released worldwide this month:
in North America:
Translation Loss Records
for blue vinyl lp and in Europe:
Bones Brigade Records
in Japan:
Ritual Records
Get "Hater" direct from TFD at our new website: